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Your Fertility. Your Family.: The Many Roads to Conception

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A collection of stories from patients who achieved pregnancy and became parents thanks to CCRM Fertility—the latest scientific advancements in fertility and molecular genetics.

The world of fertility treatments has changed substantially in less than a decade. Much like computer technology, software, cell phones, and even the music industry, the field of fertility science is transforming at a stunning rate. What was considered standard care and treatment only six or seven years ago is now thought of as “old school” and passé.

In Your Fertility. Your Family., a world-renowned fertility provider offers the latest treatment template used to diagnose and overcome fertility challenges. Dr. William Schoolcraft and his team of clinicians address the latest causes and treatment plans for age-related infertility, recurrent miscarriage, and failed IVF cycles. The growing CCRM team tackles new treatments and options that have emerged and are expected to develop over the next decade.

Ideal for both mainstream audiences interested in family planning and fertility, as well as medical professionals in the field, Your Fertility. Your Family. promises to be a fascinating and illuminating read.