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Woke Warriors: How the Left Is Destroying America’s Ability to Fight and Win Its Wars

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Legal power couple and former military prosecutors-turned anti-woke attorneys Andrew and Katie Cherkasky use their years of experience inside the covert world of military justice to show how the world’s strongest military is at war with itself, as it prioritizes woke-ness over readiness.

The world has long been told to fear America’s military, which is said to be the strongest on Earth. The truth of that statement today remains unclear. After a ten-year fictitious war in Iraq and a twenty-year stalemate in Afghanistan, the American military is involved in a whole new type of war: a culture war—one that it seems to be losing yet again.

Forget everything you think you know about American military culture. Woke Warriors shows you how America’s most sacred institution has morphed into America’s most woke industrial complex. From DEI to social justice reform, preferred pronouns, and removal of tests of skill, the US military is hardly recognizable to many who knew it even two decades ago. More than that, dedicated servicemembers are losing their careers, their retirements, and, in some cases, their freedom as a result of this drastic cultural shift.

Authors Andrew and Katie Cherkasky served as military officers and JAG lawyers during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. They were part of the original woke military movement but left the service to fight against the injustices that they were witnessing. They’ve spent the last decade running a law firm fighting for the rights of America’s servicemembers in the courtroom. They’re now two of the most outspoken legal analysts in the nation. They have access to the servicemembers affected by woke-ness, from generals to privates. But they’re far from the only ones impacted. They also have the data and dollar figures to open your eyes to the most prolific attack on American Constitutional values in our federal government.

At a time when America’s status as a global superpower is under intense scrutiny and billions of dollars are being pumped into our national defense budget, it is vital that we thoroughly and honestly examine the priorities of the entity supposedly defending all Americans.