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When AI Rules the World: China, the U.S., and the Race to Control a Smart Planet


As China rises to true superpower status, the United States must take immediate action to catch up in AI capabilities—or facefall disastrously behind technologically, economically, and militarily.

Over the past decade, China has quietly and methodically moved into a near-leadership position in artificial intelligence technologies on a global scale. Meanwhile, the United States has responded ineffectively, weighed down by politics, bureaucracy, and an absence of clear strategy.

In the near future, wars will be fought not over land, but over data. Machines will quickly discover individualized treatments for diseases, and with the help of virtual reality, AI will inspect buildings that have not yet been built. With the rising interest in these technologies by both China and the U.S., who will emerge as the victor of this technological race?

When AI Rules the World is an investigation and call to action into AI technologies for a nation that does not yet comprehend the full gravity of the AI revolution. The United States is losing the race for AI dominance, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. .