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What’s Wrong with the Right Side of History: Exposing the Roots of Progressive Pathology


This book challenges the popular notion that there is a “right” side of history, arguing that this naive view of historical events is extremely dangerous after having been used repeatedly to justify the brutal treatment of those deemed to be on the “wrong” side.  

All of us have to deal with external challenges at some point in our lives. Liberation comes when you discover just how unimportant these things really are. Then you will no longer see the world around you as hostile and unforgiving. This reality will free you to be who you really are. There is great power with this realization! Self-endowed power that releases you from the burden of self-doubt. There is no greater power in the world, except that of God. This is, in fact, the truth that God wants for each of us. The realization of our own strength, that is, we are an integral part of something greater than ourselves.

One of Harris’s lifelong goals is to instill inspiration as well as aspiration in people. Embracing Infinite Possibilities looks to build on these ideas by serving as a roadmap to discover the power within each of us. If we are students of the universe, it is clear to me that each of us must find this power within to find our own way and in our own time—some through the experiences of life, some by reading, others by observing, being taught or through self-study. Harris encourages the reader to find their own path. As a companion to his first book, Dream Walker, Embracing Infinite Possibilities will open their mind to the infinite possibilities of life, instilling hope in those who have yet to discover their own power.