What Does It Matter?: Live with Less Stress and More Joy


Unpack the power of asking, “What does it matter?” to pull the plug on the rising waters of your anxiety and put a pin in the expanding balloon of your stress.

Life is an unpredictable white-water ride of fast currents, beautiful scenery, rocky passageways, and calm waters. What Does It Matter? is a simple yet profound framework to be used when deciding priorities, curating possessions, making plans, and managing emotions.

In this life-affirming book, the author shares what she has found undeniably helpful in her own life and offers it to you, the reader, to use in yours—however you want to. And the “however you want to” bit is crucial, because the best lesson you can take away from this book is to remember to think before you follow. Remember to think before you overreact. Remember to think before being so hard on yourself. Remember to ask, “What does it matter?” to help you see the funny side in any situation sooner.

You are in charge of yourself; your life is yours. You can think for yourself—don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Happiness propaganda may imply that you are not enough or your life is sub-standard, but this book will serve as a direct torpedo hit against that commonplace assault. Use this book as part of your protection plan against self-destruction…and then use it to help others.

Live life with less stress and more joy by asking yourself: “What does it matter?” (WDIM)—and have the courage to act on your answer.