Weekend Friends


For girls, middle school is practically the Hunger Games—for their mothers, it can be even worse.

Food photographer, Rebecca, and her tween daughter, Willow, move from Alaska to Boca Raton, leaving behind their terrible secret about the death of Rebecca’s husband. They’re ready to start anew in the warmth of the sunshine state, hoping it will help vanquish Willow’s night terrors.

As her daughter becomes controlled and bullied by the popular group, Rebecca is drawn closer to the charismatic head of school, Mr. Brady. A hot and steamy—though uncertain—relationship begins. Soon, lies, deception, and secrets cause everything to spiral out of control and both mother and daughter find themselves on the wrong side of their gated community with devastating repercussions.

Full of dark twists and turns, Weekend Friends makes you grateful you’re no longer a tween…or the parent of one.

“Ellwood-Clayton explores the uneasy path of modern parenting, adolescent angst, and the vast consequences of seemingly small choices, where a parent’s best intentions are fraught with
danger—and potentially deadly consequences. Weekend Friends is a deeply emotional tale that will make you laugh, cry, gasp, and ultimately leave you haunted with questions that have no
easy answers.”
–Annette Lyon, USA Today bestselling author of Just One More

“A razor-sharp read about the social pressures mothers and daughters face in their respective cliques and how those worlds can collide when more than one person has a secret.”
–Georgina Cross, bestselling author, Nanny Needed, The Stepdaughter, One Night

“Dark, enticing, and an incredibly poignant delve into modern motherhood.”
–L.C. North, author of The Ugly Truth.