Underserved: Harnessing the Principles of Lincoln’s Vision for Reconstruction for Today’s Forgotten Communities

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This book provides a roadmap for modern-day conservatives to advance President Lincoln’s vision to help underserved communities across our country.

Underserved is a tangible blueprint for today’s conservative who understands the need for a new and viable political plan of action—one that addresses the needs of the underserved communities that make up these United States of America. Utilizing the concept of the “Party of Lincoln” and the conservative principles set forth over centuries by the movement’s most recognized thought leaders, Underserved examines President Lincoln’s intentions for Reconstruction, President Grant’s aims to implement that vision, and Frederick Douglass’s influence on both men in the process. Underserved brings home the very real impact of a failed plan that has had negative implications on modern America, whether conservative, moderate, or liberal.

With this historical plan as the linchpin for creating a framework that services disenfranchised communities, authors Ja’Ron K. Smith and Chris Pilkerton challenge conservative policy makers to employ strategies that mirror those originally presented over 160 years ago, while making necessary concessions for its modern audience—all of which are tied not only to the vision of these American icons, but does so in the context of traditional conservative thinkers who laid the groundwork for the modern-day Republican Party.

From education and workforce development to criminal justice reform and healthcare disparities, Underserved makes a bold statement about what is necessary to see a change in the current state of affairs and presents a realistic action plan to make it happen. Underserved identifies the foundational role of key institutions in implementing this proposed plan and ties in the economic and social components necessary for the plan to be met with success—while stressing the critical components of Intentionality, Trust, Collaboration, Outcomes, and Use of Data. This approach makes Underserved a vital read for politicians on both sides of the aisle as much as it is for everyday voters, agents of change, and all those ready to see a plan that will produce results.