Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?


“Todd Starnes is a fierce defender of freedom and a great patriot. He has seen, and understands, what is happening to our country like few others—his book is absolutely terrific, a must read!” —President Trump

President Biden ushered in a dark winter of malaise across our great nation. He snuffed out Lady Liberty’s bright beacon of hope and brought despair to the land. And now we stand at a time of great choosing. Do we choose the path that leads to freedom or the path that leads to tyranny?

We face difficult days, but not hopeless days. Together, we can restore the Republic and reclaim our standing in the world. But first, we must remember our roots and return to the values that made our nation great. A deep and abiding desire for freedom and liberty, girded by faith in God, is the essence of who we are. Those are the precepts that must be reaffirmed if America is to be saved.

“Todd Starnes is one of the most eloquent and courageous voices in the country today declaring a way forward to restore America to moral and spiritual greatness. Once again, Todd delivers a compelling roadmap for conservatives to reclaim our nation’s future as we approach the most consequential election in history. I highly recommend this book.” —Ralph Reed, Founder and Chairman, Faith and Freedom Coalition

“With the Radical Left seeking to dismantle the foundation of America stone by stone, Todd Starnes’ Twilight’s Last Gleaming is a rallying cry to defend our conservative values and a must-read for anyone who believes America is worth fighting for.” —Timothy Head, Executive Director, Faith and Freedom Coalition