Tumor Me


What would it sound like if you could think out loud?

Thinking. It’s both a great gift and a burden. Thinking about what could be. “What if…?” is a question all young brain tumor survivors have pondered since their diagnosis.

“What if the tumor was bigger or in a different place? 

What if the tumor was more dangerous?”

“What if it wasn’t me?”

Tumor Me is the culmination of a mother’s eight-year search to understand how her son really felt after surviving a childhood brain tumor.

What she uncovered through hundreds of conversations with other young survivors was that, when given the space to think out loud, most were coping far better than their parents!

The very personal, true stories seventeen remarkable, young brain tumor survivors share in Tumor Me open our eyes to the incredible neuroplasticity of the human brain, the power of owning our story (even the messy parts) and the shift that comes from understanding we don’t need to navigate life alone. Tumor Me is a reminder to all of us to hit the pause button on life, get out of our own way and ask ourselves, Am I really living my best life?

All proceeds from Tumor Me will fund a patient outreach program spearheaded by St. Jude Children’s Hospital for pediatric survivors transitioning into adulthood.