Too Good to Fact Check: Flying the Skies with Stars, Scotch, and Scandal (Mostly Mine)

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A peek into the world of celebrity and how the journalists who cover them live even more outrageous lives.

What happens when magazine editors behave worse than the celebrities they feature? Shock, comedy and farce, expertly chronicled in Jeremy Murphy’s Too Good to Fact Check, a firsthand account of his ten years traveling with stars as the editor of a glossy magazine. In between taking Julianna Marguiles to the Côte d’Azur, Neil Patrick Harris aboard the Orient Express and LL Cool J to Paris among other locales, the author lived a wild, decadent life that rivaled anyone he was covering, and recounts the most outrageous moments in colorful, candid detail.

Bar fights!
Hotel bans!
Airplane arrest!
Singing to Mary J Blige!

Too Good to Fact Check provides a fascinating look at the rarefied worlds of celebrity, fashion, magazines, and glamour through the eyes of someone who may have been blacked out.

Sarcastic, dishy, self-deprecating, surprising, and fun, Too Good to Fact Check is this fall’s guiltiest pleasure.