This Book Will Save Your Life: The New Medical Cure for Opioid Addiction


Renowned neurologist Dr. Russell Surasky reveals a precise and breakthrough medical treatment for opioid addiction.

The book you’re holding in your hands contains the answers that can save your life, the life of a loved one, or—if you’re a doctor—the life of your patient.

In the time it takes you to read this paragraph, another person will have died from opioid addiction. The opioid epidemic is taking the lives of nearly two hundred Americans each day. Everyone is now just one degree of separation from the deadly scourge of opioid addiction—either you are suffering or someone close to you is. Fentanyl, the deadliest of all opioids, has now flooded into every town in America. Recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience have proven that addiction is a neurological brain disease, not a psychological problem or a moral failure. It is a treatable, chronic medical illness that involves complex interactions between genetics, exposure to addictive substances, and ultimately, the hijacking of specific brain circuitry. With this new information, scientists have created breakthrough medical treatments that can help heal the brain from addiction—and finally unchain those suffering from this deadly affliction.

In This Book Will Save Your Life, Dr. Russell Surasky clearly explains these precise new life-saving treatments and how you or your loved one can access them immediately. Active opioid addiction is a medical emergency that—without treatment—is virtually always fatal. The information in this book could save your life and the lives of those you love, forever.

“This is a pointed and urgent challenge not just for those suffering addiction, but for all of us who care about the dignity of the human person and sacredness of human life. Sure, there’s a lot of bad news about addiction, but there’s a lot of good news as well. My friend Dr. Russell Surasky gives us hope for a culture of recovery.”

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York