The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture (1) (Publius Prose)

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This is the definitive cultural treatise and policy book on all things Donald J. Trump—an entertaining, comprehensive, and fun collection of commentary and opinion on the Trump years and the beginning of the Biden regime, by a dedicated conservative and patriotic American.

Donald J. Trump was the most entertaining president America has ever had, and A.J. Rice illustrates this point in his compelling essay collection. On policy, Trump was America’s relentless champion. Yet looking back on his presidential term now feels like looking back on a different country. Trump always put America and her interests first. Yet Joe Biden and his cronies—along with the media, Big Tech, higher education, and Hollywood—are hellbent on turning our cherished country into the woking dead. Whether it’s pushing corporate America to sacrifice their brands on the altar of Stacey Abrams’ loser leftwing politics, or Disney to turn Star Wars from a great space epic into a feminist screed, or our public schools to teach millions of young kids that their skin color is evil and their country is abominably racist, Biden and the Democrats (and their allies) are dividing and destroying America.

The backlash to all of this is not just inevitable—it’s already begun. Rice, a contributor to many popular publications and the CEO of Publius PR in Washington, D.C., explains all of this and far more, driving home to every patriotic American the dangers now and in the near future faced by our great and cherished country.