The Win-Win Diet: How to Be Plant-Based and Still Eat What You Love


Reinvent your diet, take control of your health, and live a better life with a flexible and sustainable plant-based diet solution.

For anyone looking to enhance energy, prevent disease, and reduce stress, nutritionist and wellness expert Julie Wilcox provides a flexible and delicious plant-based solution in her rigorously researched book, The Win-Win Diet. Wilcox offers an actionable guide to four eating patterns that allow readers to choose the approach that’s best for them: flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan. It’s ideal for the meat eater looking for a gentle path to more mindful eating, the person who eats only plant-sourced foods, and everyone in between. Featuring ninety-five perfected recipes and sample meal plans for each eating pattern, The Win-Win Diet presents a sustainable approach to enjoying meals that will help you become fit and feel great—for life.