The Truth Teller: RFK Jr. and the Case for a Post-Partisan Presidency


Former far-right radical Jack Buckby makes the case for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s 2024 presidential campaign, post-partisanship, and a moderate presidency.

Could RFK Jr. overturn 230 years of American political history and become the first independent to mount a truly credible campaign for the presidency? Does the increasingly partisan and unpredictable nature of American politics provide an opportunity for the ultimate outsider to outrun the two-party system?

In The Truth Teller, Jack Buckby explores the impact that Kennedy’s candidacy could have on the Democratic party’s slide toward authoritarianism, his ability to connect with America’s youth, the common ground between Trump voters and Democrats, the potential to make landslide victories common again, and the healing power of a candidate who refuses to alienate half of the country. In telling uncomfortable truths, Kennedy offers a radically moderate vision for America and a blueprint for bringing the country back from the brink of permanent decline.

The Truth Teller offers a unique look at Kennedy’s campaign, describing how Kennedy’s radically moderate vision for America, his ability to bring together the left and the right, and his unique campaign style present an opportunity for America to normalize its politics and bring this divided country back together.