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The Snowflakes’ Revolt: How Woke Millennials Hijacked American Media


The “snowflake” generation of college students didn’t simply melt away as expected, but rather, entered the workforce and hijacked mainstream media, using campus mob intimidation tactics to push America further to the left than ever before.

Step onto a college campus, attend a street protest, flip to a legacy news network, tune in to a White House press briefing, and you’re likely to come down with a bad case of déjà vu. The media—composed almost entirely of liberal elites—along with the Democratic Party and its activists have long worked in tandem to make their ideas palatable to the public. But the media’s reliance on the left for relevance had an unwanted side effect: it’s been forced to genuflect to the most radical and most obnoxious—and, unfortunately, very influential—activists.

Over the past decade, the zealous individuals once derided as college “snowflakes” by the right have taken over key cultural institutions, pushing the national conversation further to the left than ever before. These individuals have cohered into a potent clique that has employed campus mob tactics to orchestrate revolutions (and purges) at the New York Times, major publishing companies, and mega-corporations in Silicon Valley and beyond. Low-level staffers transform into Slacktivists, organizing protests through their company social media channels and WhatsApp group chats, eventually collecting enough digital signatures to wrestle management into submission.

Amber Athey has witnessed it all come to fruition. She was the most vocal conservative at Georgetown University when academic freedom was first being suffocated by safe spaces and trigger warnings. After graduation, she covered liberal bias at colleges across the country, binged endless hours of cable news each day as a media reporter, and most recently embedded with the White House press corps as a correspondent. Part memoir, part investigation, and part prescription, this book will expose how modern media influences the American public with the coordinated assistance of left-wing politicians, think tanks, special interest groups, and “experts.” Finally, The Snowflakes’ Revolt will argue that the introduction of petulant radicals to this already volatile concoction will only accelerate the media’s collapse.