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The Shortest Road: The Promised Wars: Book Two (2)


In the second novel of David L. Robbins’ sweeping The Promised Wars series, the Arab-Israeli War of 1948 flares off the page, depicting with human scope and historical scale the struggle for Israel’s existence.

NY Times bestselling author David L. Robbins, called “the Homer of World War II,” creates a blazing and personal narrative of the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. Viewed from multiple characters on all sides of the events, The Shortest Road depicts and explores the great conflict that resonates even today in the Middle East. Here is the fight for survival, the contest for land and freedom, and the tragedies of the warrior, the simple citizen, and the refugee—what the Palestinians have come to call the Nakba, the Catastrophe. The Shortest Road will deepen your understanding not only of this tumultuous place and time and of these complex peoples at war, but also the human capacity for love, sorrow, and struggle.

The Shortest Road is a gift to historical fiction enthusiasts….Robins infuses The Shortest Road
with authenticity….with encyclopedic knowledge of his topic and a longstanding flair for military fiction, Robbins further elevates his literary stature with what will stand as the most ambitious achievement of his career.”

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