The Serpent’s Tooth


The Serpent’s Tooth takes the reader on a hurriedly-paced, true journey through Hollywood, addiction, lottery jackpots, and courtroom drama—that ultimately rips a family apart.

The Serpent’s Tooth is the memoir of a courageous mother who fights tirelessly for the life of her daughter—a successful young film actress led criminally astray by a controlling older man—and her husband—a highly-decorated fire captain who falls prey to drugs. This riveting tale of betrayal, addiction, and a lottery jackpot which leads to a dramatic courtroom trial. The story unfolds with famous attorneys battling over millions in legal fees, when greed rears its ugly head and becomes the primary motive. Through all the deceit and lies, a hard-edged judge is left to make the final decision as to who the rightful owner of the $5.2 million-dollar lottery prize is. Filled with emotions from anger and hate to grief and loss, the reader is wondering how this all could have ever happened. In the end, who is left standing, who falls, and who was ultimately to blame?