The Secret of Directional Investing: Making Money Amidst the Red-Blue Rumble


Directional Investing: The trend is your friend. To know the trend, spotting it or shaping it, is to make money. 

The trend is your friend: Investors know that.  But the biggest money comes from the biggest things.  The more delta, the more alpha  In that spirit, Directional Investing offers a new way of thinking about investing, steeped in culture and history, including business history.   Focusing on megatrends, this book points out ways to profit from an understanding of two kinds of trends, those that can be spotted, and those that can be shaped.  There’s money in both.  But the Romans weren’t kidding when they said, Audentes Fortuna luvat.  Fortune favors the bold.  Directional Investing is a bold look at investments and potential investments.