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The Secret Apparatus: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Industry of Death

By Cynthia Farahat, Daniel Pipes

The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Secret Apparatus” is a clandestine incubator for Islamic terrorism, and it exports its “industry of death” to destroy the world through infiltration, disinformation, and jihad.

The world’s most dangerous terrorist group is not hiding in the caves of the Hindu Kush or in the Saharan wilderness—it operates inside the United States, and its members have sworn to fight eternal jihad. The Muslim Brotherhood is a fraternal cult inspired by the Order of the Assassins and modeled after Joseph Stalin’s Secret Apparatus. It’s an incubator for Islamic terrorist organizations, and it has implemented a one-hundred-year plan to destroy the West. The Muslim Brotherhood claims to be a reformist, non-violent political organization, but it is a terrorism apparatus with a political facade, which its founder Hassan al-Banna called “an industry of death.”
The Secret Apparatus proves the Muslim Brotherhood’s clandestine militia—the secret apparatus—is still operational. The Brotherhood leadership’s own words, internal documents, and highest-ranking defector confirm the Brotherhood founded most modern terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. This book examines the Brotherhood’s history, political theology, and secret alliance with Iran, and offers policy recommendations needed to stop an existential threat to the United States and the world.