The Road to Splitsville: How to Navigate the Road to Divorce without Making Yourself Crazy, Your Children Miserable, or Your Lawyer Wealthy…and Then Discover Your Path to Happiness

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If you are facing divorce, this book will guide you along the legal and emotional journey you will need to follow to end your marriage and find your best life.

The Road to Splitsville is a must read for anyone going through a divorce. I highly recommend this helpful and informative book.” —Stephen V. Eliot, Westchester Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

“As an attorney trained to deal with the trauma suffered by victims of abuse and those suffering through the emotional strains of divorce, I highly recommend The Road to Splitsville as a valuable tool in navigating that difficult journey.” —Amy Messing, Esq.

Jeffrey S. Stephens is a native of New York City, a successful attorney in private practice for more than forty-five years including numerous divorce cases, and the author of the Jordan Sandor thrillers, Targets of DeceptionTargets of OpportunityTargets of Revenge, and Rogue Mission, as well as the murder mystery Crimes and Passion, the Pencraft First Place Award–winning novel, Fool’s Errand, and the upcoming thriller, The Handler.

Dr. Ronald Raymond has a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and has maintained a practice in psychotherapy for over fifty years, focusing on marital issues and family turmoil. He holds the highest level of distinction awarded by the American Psychological Association of Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, and is the author of Grow Your RootsRing of DestinyDestiny Revealed, and The Four Essential Ingredients for Effective Parenting.