The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: The Mysterious Death of What’s My Line TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen


On November 8, 1965, millions of fans of What’s My Line? CBS television star, Pulitzer Prize-nominated columnist and crack investigative reporter Dorothy Kilgallen were shocked when she was found dead in her NYC townhouse. The autopsy report concluded she accidentally died of an “Acute Ethanol and Barbiturate Intoxication: Circumstances Undetermined.”

Despite an apparently staged death scene, no police investigation followed even though friends believed the courageous media icon was murdered. Afraid to speak out, they remained silent about Kilgallen, a gifted wordsmith who broke the “glass ceiling” by succeeding in a man’s world.

In The Reporter Who Knew Too Much, fresh evidence including explosive never-before-seen videotaped interviews provides motives to help identify who may have silenced her, and why. Suspects include arch-enemy Frank Sinatra, those threatened by her 18-month JFK assassination investigation, and a “mystery man” connected to the Mafia who might have betrayed Kilgallen.

A true Renaissance woman, Kilgallen was known as “The Most Powerful Voice In America.” She once wrote, “Justice is a big rug; when you pull it out from under one man, a lot of others fall too.” But, as author Mark Shaw reveals in this true crime, “whodunit” mystery, Kilgallen was denied justice. Until now.