The Red Pill: A Novel


Martin Harris is having his Red Pill moment.

“I find I’m turning against all the stuff I used to believe,” Martin told her. “I don’t want to have a politically correct relationship.”

“But what’s the alternative?”

“I don’t know exactly. I don’t think anyone knows. Obviously, we can’t go back to the Fifties. But we have to go somewhere. What we’re doing now isn’t working.”

“But shouldn’t men and women be equal?”

“Yes, they should be.  There’s lots of things that should be. But the reality is they’re not. And I’m sick of pretending they are. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t want to live according to someone else’s ideas. It’s not organic. I don’t want a partner. I want a wife.”

It’s early 2016, and divorced, liberal-minded Martin is having trouble meeting women. He reluctantly agrees to some coaching from Rob, his Trump supporting brother-in-law. Skeptical at first, Martin’s romantic life improves immediately.  Maybe Rob and his “red pill” dating strategies aren’t so backward after all.

But after Trump’s surprise victory in the presidential election, Martin’s newfound romantic success is put to the test.  Can he still find love in the midst of #metoo and #resistance? Is there any love left to find?