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The People Versus Socialism: A Ten Count Indictment for Crimes Against Humanity

By Stephen A. Smoot, Congressman Alex X. Mooney

A ten-count indictment on how socialism not only ruins countries and their economies, but also destroys civil societies while denying natural rights.

After the fall of the Soviet Union and its global empire, most observers assumed that the seventy-year argument that socialism was superior to capitalism was over. Socialism in its various forms—Communism, Maoism, National Socialism, and more—had left such a legacy of tyranny, war, mass murder, and human misery, that few could imagine a world where young people would once again embrace the discredited ideas of Marx and his heirs.

And yet, here we are in twenty-first-century America. Proponents of “Democratic Socialism” find themselves, inexplicably, darlings of the media and political classes.

The People Versus Socialism is a powerful historical corrective—a reminder to those who have forgotten (or who never learned) the enormous toll socialism laid upon humanity throughout the twentieth century. This dangerous economic and social system left untold millions dead, billions mired in war and poverty, and the entire world under constant threat from ideologically driven tyrants and dictators.

The indictment is clear—and the implications of ignoring history are frightening.