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The Moment That Defines Your Life: Integrating Emotional Intelligence and Stoicism when your Life, Career, and Family are on the Line


Discover the lifechanging power of emotional intelligence and stoicism through captivating stories of individuals who overcame adversity, learned crucial lessons from lifedefining moments, and rose to personal and professional heights.

When reflecting on your life, did it go as planned? On the receiving end of bad, sad, or tragic news, do you control your temper, or does it control you? What tools do you rely on to overcome life’s most pressing challenges when your career, family, and life are on the line?

The Moment instructs, inspires, and ignites positive behavioral change to successfully address life’s most trying circumstances. Filled with potent and practical calls to action, this book tells the story of ten people who developed the courage and conviction to overcome life’s most frightening events and share their extraordinary stories of transformation. From their life-changing moments, you’ll learn how to integrate principles of the classic philosophy of stoicism with the modern practices of emotional intelligence to sustain positive and lasting change.

Discover how obstacles and struggles in people’s lives are remarkably similar—people from all walks of life and a variety of professions. As you relate to their narratives, you will learn how to manage your emotions more effectively by integrating two powerful approaches to life’s most impactful moments. From philosophy to social science, you’ll uncover and examine the evidence, relevance, and results that come from shifting your mindset as you turn tragedy into triumph. Finally, you will develop a blueprint to understand and cultivate the tools needed to significantly improve self-awareness, empathy, and leadership skills that apply to your career, family, and life.