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The Genius of Algorand: Technical Elegance and the DeFi Revolution


In a universe of cryptocurrencies, Algorand stands out as one of the best long-term blockchain protocols for the future.

In The Genius of Algorand: Technical Elegance and the DeFi Revolution, financier Anthony Scaramucci walks readers through the history of Algorand, from its inception in the mind of an MIT mathematical genius to the current frontline users who are reinventing the way money works. In his usual straight-talking style, Scaramucci explains why the creation of Algorand is so unique and shines a light on the unmet markets where it’s poised to dominate. Along the way, readers will hear the Algorand origin story straight from Silvio Micali, the Italian immigrant who created it. They’ll also meet the slew of current entrepreneurs, BizDev app designers, marketers, and small business owners who are already taking advantage of Algorand’s bright future.

Digital currency is already reshaping the global financial markets, but every token is not created equally. In 2021, Scaramucci chose Algorand for his SkyBridge Capital clients. The story of how Scaramucci became an “Algonaut” doubles as a window into the opaque world of financial technology development, and the way visionaries¾from international banks to struggling artists¾are adopting it to change the world.