The Five Elements of Relationships: How to Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace


Discover surprisingly simple ways to get along better with anyone, anytime, anyplace.

Relationships fill our lives from the instant we’re born until the moment we die. These relationships can elevate us or take us down, bring us joy or sorrow, define or defeat us. While the quality of a relationship often seems random, in almost every case it is possible to predict—from the very beginning—which relationships will feel comfortable and which ones just won’t.

In The Five Elements of Relationships, Dr. Vicki Matthews uses the ancient Five Elements model from Chinese medicine to describe five basic personality types and the ways they automatically relate to one another. Knowing our primary elemental personality type explains our priorities and preferences in life as well as the reasons we click with certain people but have difficulties with others. Deceptively simple and easy to comprehend, The Five Elements of Relationships offers the opportunity to better understand everyone in our lives, enhance every connection we have, improve family dynamics, and seek out the people who will best support us in every conceivable situation. It also includes numerous techniques to help build harmonious relationships with everyone.