The Diversity Con: The Secrets and Lies Behind the Shady DEI Industry

By David Johnson, Kent Heckenlively

A whistle-blower’s in-depth account of what is taught in DEI trainings, who is funding them, and who is sacrificed to reach the ultimate goal of their ideology.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, antiracism, critical race theory, queer theory—terms that were rarely discussed as recently as a decade ago have now become focal points of American politics and culture. In the media, each new Hollywood blockbuster touts the strength of their diverse cast, while your favorite sports team kneels in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. In the news, the White House reaffirms its commitment to fighting “white supremacy,” the largest source of political extremism in the country, apparently. Meanwhile, major cities struggle to recover from months of “fiery, but mostly peaceful protests.”

At your place of work, HR might have just instituted a new guideline for “inclusive language.” If you’re particularly unlucky, you might have a meeting on “How to Manifest a Race Critical Consciousness in Children.”

Those still in school or college might have taken a lesson on the importance of creating an inclusive space, or how to become an advocate of racial justice. Math proficiency requirements are lowered to promote racial equity, and the homework assignment is to map out your family’s “privilege.” And for extracurricular activities, a school sponsored drag performance to fulfill a “sex-education” requirement.

Where is all of this coming from in our society? What do these terms even mean? The Diversity Con is a whistleblower’s comprehensive look into how companies and schools are infiltrated, radicalized, and captured, and follows the money trail left in the destructive wake.