The Choreography of Customer Service: High Touch Service in a Touch Free World

By Chris Lynam, John G. Miller

Customer service is a lot like dancing. You can sit on the sidelines, go through the motions, or take the time to learn. This book will give you the moves to stand out.

We’ve all experienced good service. We’ve felt the feeling of being taken care of and appreciated it. Feeling it is easy. Recreating that experience, on the other hand, takes effort, training, and an open mind.

The Choreography of Customer Service aims to do just that. To create those moments that your consumers will appreciate and a connection that they will continue to come back for.

In the past, customer service might have been the difference between a good online review and a bad one. Today, it might be the difference between staying in business and shutting down.

In the book you’ll learn the five customer service components and how to combine them to turn you, or your organization, into artists of high touch service – even in a touch free environment.

Whether you’re the CEO, an HR director, or a retail employee – you will learn how to become a master of engagement, how to deliver a recommendation with passion, and how to lead your clients to the experience that they signed up for.

Give yourself, and your business, the advantage it deserves with an investment in service. When you do, you’ll never again leave the customer experience up to chance.