The Catching Point Transformation: A Twelve-Week Weight Loss Strategy Based in Reality


The Catching Point Transformation is a brand new approach to weight loss. Dr. Prologo’s plan is focused on overcoming the body’s resistance to change so that those who are overweight can enjoy a healthy lifestyle, instead of trying to endure another miserable, undoable calorie restriction/exercise plan. The Catching Point Transformation is designed to guide you for twelve short weeks—three days at a time—to a brand new place.

“Dr. Prologo targets sustainability. He elevates our science-based weight-loss programs by keeping people engaged.” —Arthur Agatston, MD, author of The South Beach Diet

“In this book, Dr. Prologo illuminates the struggles of obese and overweight patients through the absolutely fresh lens of a proceduralist, physician, and friend.” —Mark Hyman, MD, Director and Chair, Cleveland Clinic Institute for Functional Medicine, Author of numerous New York Times bestselling books, including Eat Fat, Get Thin

“By leading us past the false promises of weight control by force of will alone, Dr. Prologo provides both empowerment and relief. With experience, expertise, and careful attention to evidence, he converts the frustrating limitations of reliance on will into an actual way paved with genuine understanding.” —David Katz, MD, MPH, Director, Yale University Prevention Research Center, founder of The True Health Initiative, and author of How to Eat

People do not fail diets because they are weak-willed or “don’t really want it.” People fail diets (and practically every diet does fail) because the body rebels in the name of survival. Our bodies send overwhelming signals to the brain to stop with the rice cakes and boot camp—“we are starving to death!”

No one can overcome those signals. No. One. It’s like holding your breath underwater—you can do it for a short time against the body’s wishes, but the longer you stay there, the louder and more crushing the signals get, until you finally burst to the surface for air (or into a fast food restaurant or bakery, in this case).

The smiley fit people, on the other hand, do not feel the same suffocating signals. They feel great and do not understand why you don’t feel great. They say you don’t really want to lose weight, because who wouldn’t exercise and diet for long periods of time? Isn’t it so so fun and great? They judge you and say you are a weak-willed, lazy, second-class citizen—because they have never felt what you feel trying to make a change. Then they publish their own maintenance diet and exercise schedule and gasp in disbelief when you cannot use it for weight loss. And around we go.

The Catching Point Transformation was created to break this cycle, to allow everyone to have fun, feel confident, and be successful when engaged with diet and exercise. It levels the playing ground for those who are trying to make a change with those who are already lean. Shed all of the things that have blocked you before now, so you can love it like they do. Dr. Prologo asks for twelve short weeks, and when you get to the end, you will not only be a believer—you will be transformed.