The Alchemy of Power: Mastering the Invisible Factors of Leadership


Written by a seasoned leadership and cultural consultant who has trekked the globe experiencing world philosophies and spiritual practices while keeping a steady eye on leadership data, The Alchemy of Power reveals how strengthening your capacity with the intangible factors, the metaphysics, is the key to making things happen – alchemy.

Companies like Zappos, Google, and an increasing number of organizations worldwide are demonstrating that intangibles have a far higher impact on success than tangibles. It’s no accident that values-driven companies are beating the S&P 500 by an average of 600 percent. Leaders who remain unconscious of the power of metaphysical success factors risk being blindsided by their own irrelevance as increasing numbers of organizations and consumers establish new success metrics that include accountability for culture and vitality that are grounded in common values and moral authority.

When leaders consciously manage intangible factors like values, not only do profits go up significantly, so do innovation, customer and employee loyalty, team coherence, brand recognition, and a lot of other things. In other words, the transformation that the world is calling for is unequivocally good for business.

The emergent global shift is also highly consistent with wisdom teachings throughout history, that may have many different words and ideas about it, but nonetheless converge around the point that managing your mojo matters. Mojo is that invisible spark that jazzes us all; that mysterious lifepulse that makes the difference between being a collection of all the right elements and being a living being – and makes the difference again between being a survivor and a thriving human being.

Mojo is a metaphysical charge, a power source that makes things happen. Just like an electrical current, it can be dormant, out of control, or somewhere in-between. Mojo can be both individual and organizational, and it determines and reflects the power of each. The Alchemy of Power reveals how to stoke, harness, and unleash personal and collective mojo to increase your capacity for causing things to happen, which is your alchemical capacity. Coaching queries at the end of each chapter offer evergreen inquiries that will spark transformation for yourself and your team whenever you revisit them.