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Supermoms Activated: 12 Profiles of Hero Moms Leading the American Revival


Moms are only loyal to one party: their kids.

Supermoms Activated charts the journey of twelve mothers from across the nation from varying
socioeconomic, religious, racial, and political party affiliations. From flipping school boards,
bringing cases before the Supreme Court, running for office, lobbying, crafting policy, starting
new schools, and changing how politicians campaign, the mom army is coming to save this

The mom crusade has come to protect children from the mainstreaming of “gender dysmorphia,”
“privilege blocks,” and “furries.” Their movement has been so impactful that the big guns,
hoping to silence and disavow them, have been summoned: mainstream and social media,
teachers unions, educators, campaign consultants, Hollywood, and even the president of the
United States, Joe Biden. These groups have waged war against concerned moms, labeling them
“domestic terrorists.”

Supermoms Activated takes readers on a deep-dive into why moms woke up and risked
everything. Through personal journeys, this book shows different approaches taken to fight back
against Marxism on all fronts. There are wins and losses, but more than that, there’s a game plan
moving forward. Personal agency is most important when it comes to stopping wokeism from
taking over and one person can start a prairie fire. Join these moms in the American revival.