Stop Making Sense: The Art of Inspiring Anybody


There are a million books that can inspire you.

This one will make you inspiring.

In this fun and provocative page-turner, Michael Fanuele, one of the world’s most successful marketing strategists, shares The Six Skills of Inspiration. With insights from music, politics, business, neuroscience, and a recipe for radishes, Stop Making Sense shares the creative blueprint that can unleash the inspiring leader in all of us.

If Brené Brown and Simon Sinek had a book baby together, you’re looking at it right now. Stop Making Sense is a new manual for learning true leadership. Fanuele’s set of simple principles that changed my life over the last quarter century will change yours in a matter of hours.”—Andrew Zimmern, chef, author, teacher, host and producer of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods

“Michael Fanuele shows us how our passion and emotion will take us farther than our logic ever can. I can’t convince you to read this book, but I guarantee you’ll be inspired by doing so.”—Beth Comstock, author of Imagine It Forward and former vice chair, GE

“This is the book we need now: a blueprint for leading with heart, passion, and imagination. Fanuele is such a fun and generous storyteller you almost don’t realize that he’s murdering so many small and cynical voices.” —Andrew Essex, Co-founder, Plan A, author of The End of Advertising, former CEO, Droga5 and Tribeca Enterprises

“This funny, sweary, energetic, challenging book will push you into a whole new way to find that compelling inspiration we’d all secretly like 1000% more of.”—Adam Morgan, author of Eating The Big Fish and A Beautiful Constraint and founder, eatbigfish

“The best magic bends your brain, and that’s exactly what Michael Fanuele does in Stop Making Sense. With wit and insight, he dismisses the myth that we have to wait for inspiration to strike. He reveals the secrets that can make any of us a muse, dazzling audiences and getting the very best out of our teams, families, and most important, ourselves.”—David Kwong, magician, “The Enigmatist,” author of Spellbound, puzzle creator, and producer