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Stand Alone: How to Be an Extraordinary Leader


The truth about success is breathtaking and needed now more than ever. This book demonstrates what it really takes to succeed. Learn how to overcome obstacles and create the life you want by becoming the leader you were meant to be. Stand Alone will help you see how you can go from living an ordinary life—where life just happens to you—to living a life of significance and influence.

Sabrina Lloyd was raised in a small town outside of Toronto, Canada, and now runs her own thriving agency in Chicago, Illinois. This book maps out how someone can move to a new place with just a bag of clothes and end up building a successful business and life. Stand Alone is a much-needed leadership manifesto from someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it really is. This story of triumph will inspire many to understand that whatever we are going through is designed to prepare us for our greatest opportunities—against all odds.