Speaking With the Heart: Transforming Your Relationship and Communication with Compassion and Connection


Everyone wants to feel loved, wanted, and appreciated in our relationships…yet we continually feel hurt or misunderstood instead.

Are you frustrated with having the same argument week after week?

Do you act more like roommates than a couple who’s in love?

Are you stuck not knowing what to do to change your connection, communication, and intimacy with your partner?

We all want to have deeply connected relationships, but oftentimes, we become stuck in the same arguments and dynamics which keep us from experiencing the joy we wish to feel in our intimate relationships.

Speaking with the Heart explains how communication is a love letter. The best conversations start with connection and compassion before any word is uttered. What is needed? What will help? Learning the powerful approaches outlined in the book can transform relationships. The key to effective communication for couples, at all stages, is tied to one core area that we were never taught: how to connect. It’s in understanding the power of making a simple shift from needing to be heard to wanting to connect with your partner—with every conversation—that could redefine how we approach communication in all of our relationships.