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SLAY the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win

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USA Today Bestseller

Slay narcissiststhe ultimate bulliesin negotiations by following this simple formuladeveloped by one of the top 1 percent of attorneys in the nationa proven method to take you from victim to victory, without backlash!

Whether your relationship is professional or personal, narcissists have a way of honing in on their prey that is unparalleled.

The path into hell is camouflaged, artfully concealed under lies and charm, red flags skillfully diverted away, until you finally realize that their tactics have left you feeling utterly drained to your soul.

The population of narcissists is becoming an epidemic. The problem is that we’ve been applying a blanket approach to negotiation with narcissists and expecting them to work like they do with reasonable people.

But narcissists’ brains are not wired the same as reasonable people. That is why a conventional approach to negotiation always fails.

But there wasn’t a playbook on HOW to deal with them… until now.

In this book, globally recognized high conflict negotiation expert, and top attorney Rebecca Zung shares her revolutionary framework to SLAYing your negotiation with the narcissist.

By the time you’re finished reading, you will know how to shift the dynamic of power and be more confident and empowered in every aspect of your life!