Sheep No More Workbook #1: Threat Assessment


This is the second installment of the self-help trilogy that teaches you the technique of Attack and Defend, instructing you on how to divide your life into sectors and assess each sector from the attacker’s avenues of approach (Workbook #1) and then the defender’s point of view (Workbook #2).

This is it! Sheep No More Workbook #1: Threat Assessment, the second book in the self-help trilogy by US Navy SEAL and FBI Special Agent Jonathan T. Gilliam, which empowers readers to gain a full understanding of Who, Why, Where, When, and How violent situations may occur in your life, and how you can avoid or defend against them.

This is how the system works: First, read book #1, Sheep No More: The Art of Awareness and Attack Survival. Apply the understanding you learn there by completing this Workbook #1: Threat Assessment, evaluating the threats in your life from the attacker’s point of view. Then, take that information and develop it further with Sheep No More Workbook #2: Defense Assessment, utilizing the defender’s mindset.

As a result, you will see every possible attack in every possible location of your life, before they happen, making you the master of your own homeland and an expert in the Art of Awareness and Attack Survival!