Scale Your Everest: How to be a Resilient Entrepreneur

By Erik Z. Severinghaus, Dr. Michael A. Freeman M.D.

The first and only book to provide entrepreneurs with the tools to develop the mental resilience needed to succeed in the pressure cooker that is starting their own business.

While I have been to the top of the physical world (literally climbing Everest) and the business world (exiting companies for hundreds of millions of dollars), what has defined my journey is not the successes but the hard times of loneliness and self-doubt that nearly cost me not only my accomplishments but my life. Every entrepreneur experiences these same crippling challenges but no one talks about them, and consequently entrepreneurs have three times the rate of addiction and twice the rate of suicide of the general population.

I wrote this guidebook to pass along the lessons I needed in my dark times. I hope it will help every entrepreneur who is going through this struggle understand their journey and build the mental resiliency to succeed.

-Erik Z. Severinghaus