Sam the Eco Robot & the Ghost Nets

By Thassanee Wanick, Teresa Geer, Steven Geer

Gold Award Winner in “Rising To The Moment Focused Topic: COVID Pandemic” Category of the Nautilus Awards

Join Sam the Eco Robot on his first adventure as he cleans up plastics in the ocean and saves animals caught in old, discarded fishing nets that he comes across using his robotic technologies and artificial intelligence (AI).

One day, Sam the Eco Robot went out with his two best friends on board the Eco Boat to clean up plastics in the ocean.

Suddenly, Dolly the dolphin jumped up beside the boat in great agitation asking Sam to help free her friends Oli the octopus, Will the whale, and Tom the turtle from the Ghost Nets that trapped them…and time is essential….

“The mechanical cleverness of the robot and the sounds of the recycle machines are wonderful! Children will be fascinated by all of this mechanical detail in the pictures and they will ask a lot of questions about them.”
—Dr. Pippa Goodhart, celebrated, prize-winning children’s book author of over one hundred books, tutor at ICE, The University of Cambridge, England

“Ms. Wanick has written a delightful children’s book about caring for our planet and one another. She has long cared about environmental issues and this story encourages our young people to do the same, to be leaders in caring for Mother Earth. Inventive. Fun. Engaging, too. Bravo!”
—Cameron Kim Dawson, Sky Dog Productions; Producer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I, II, and III, and the All New Mickey Mouse Club

Sam the Eco Robot & the Ghost Nets is a fantastic visual for young children to learn that there are simple ways to make our environment better for the future. Ms.Wanick is showing that children can do the same, such as cleaning the beaches, in a fun and exciting way.”
—Gitanjali Rao, Young Innovator, TIME “Kid of the Year” 2020

“A wonderful and educational book for children of all ages. I got a copy for my grandson and I. We need to educate our children from early ages to understand the human interaction with the environment.”
—Professor Dr. Hashem Akbari, Energy, Environment, and Climate Scientist; Recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on Climate Change shared with Former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore