Research to Empower: A Vibrant Guidebook for Young Students


Research to Empower is a vibrant, fun, and practical guide written for students who want to win the “game” of research by a student who’s figured it out.

With prevalent misinformation, the rise of social media, and artificial intelligence writing for us, we live in an era where learning research techniques and processes is needed more than ever to differentiate between true and false statements. Research also leads to new knowledge, creativity, and innovation. Most importantly, it empowers young people to pursue their interests, solve crucial problems, and master a set of essential, irreplaceable skills like critical reasoning, in-depth thinking, and communication.

Unsurprisingly, there is a huge demand for students to learn how to research. However, there is a lack of guidebooks with engaging and illuminating content that appropriately introduces research to young students. How can we help those with the potential to come up with amazing, possibly world-changing, ideas if they don’t know where, when, or how to start? How do we make sure they get the resources they need?

Grace Chenxin Liu shares her knowledge about conducting research as a student with step-by-step guidance, delivering honest and effective tips that empower young students to do excellent research.

Are you ready? Let’s begin–and don’t forget, if Grace can do it, everyone can do it too!