Redeem California: With God All Things Are Possible


The message of Redeem California is simple: God can and will do the impossible. Will you answer the call?

There is a power working to crush families, silence churches, and shut down businesses. That power uses people to turn California into a sanctuary state for abortion, promote radical LGBTQ+ curricula, and destroy families through suicides, addiction, violence, and homelessness.

Yet, there is hope.

God is greater than any power that exists. He is all powerful. He has promised to go before us and make a way where there seems to be no way. God is moving—a move greater than the Azusa Street Revival and Jesus People Movement, which brought nearly a billion people to faith in Christ worldwide.

Just like the stories from the Bible, our task is giant, the cause is righteous, and the call on our lives is profound. God’s people must bravely face the giants of sexual immorality, forced mandates, transhumanism, and child sacrifice.

Redeem California is a strategic plan of action to call believers into actively participating in their faith, believing in God to show up and do the impossible, and identifying God-fearing people who can and will run for office in our cities, counties, state, and Congress. If Christians aren’t elected to office, California’s policies, mandates, laws, and ideologies will never change. The power and favor of God will make change happen.

Now is the time. This is the hour. Will you answer the call?