Rebel Leadership: How to Thrive in Uncertain Times


We are two decades into this new century, and now live in a world more uncertain than certain. In this new “abnormal,” our ability to sustain far into the future, to realize our dreams and our potentialities, and to progress, depends on seeing leadership in a whole new way. Rebel leadership is that new way.

There’s a growing pattern of not just individual leaders, but entire cultures rebelling against old and ineffectual ways that have long defined what it means to lead. At the heart of rebel leadership is the emergence of five patterns seen in leading organizations across sectors. Together, these patterns outline a framework for how to successfully meet this turbulent new century and thrive. Rebel Leadership will not only reveal these patterns, but will teach the reader how to tap into the power of this framework and make it their own.

More precisely, Rebel Leadership will teach readers:

  • What lies at the heart of success, no matter how much the environmental conditions might change
  • How leadership is counterintuitively at its most powerful when it moves across individuals and cultures
  • That, inevitably, there is only one truly sustainable competitive advantage in uncertain times
  • Where leaders can find the best source for lowering risk in a changing world
  • Why a long-term view has less to do with the long-term and far more to do with this moment than you’d ever imagine

“There are few skills as important as leadership—a skill we must constantly relearn, every one of us, now more than ever. This book is your guide and compass.”
Kevin Guskiewicz, Chancellor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“There is no more timely or more important book for those who lead in these uncertain times. Uncertainty is our new normal, or as Robertson writes, our new abnormal—leaders either accept it or they perish. This brilliant, forward-thinking book, its vivid examples, and deep insights, will help you to not only survive uncertainty, but to thrive in it.”
Tom Koulopoulos, author, Revealing the Invisible and The Gen Z Effect

“We live in times of change and rapid adjustment. Many aspects of how we do things will require sensible and well-thought-through revisions. Our approach to leadership must change as well. The question is how. Larry Robertson’s newest book gives that question the needed time and attention it deserves. The result is at once insightful, revealing, and instructive. The lessons are relatable and powerful. The stories make you feel a part of them. And when you finish, you don’t just feel prepared to lead in a new way, you realize he’s already launched you on your journey. Read this book.”
Milena Z. Fisher, Ph.D., President, Co-Founder, The Creativity Post