Random Acts of Automation: How to Fight Back When Automation Threatens Your Work, Your Life, and Everything You Do


Feeling uneasy about AI? Worried it’ll make your job obsolete and you’re once-solid training outdated? You’re not alone.

As the automation tsunami crashes over the workforce, forget fear mongering headlines and confusing jargon. This book will be your life raft through the chaos, leading you to shore.

Random Acts of Automation dives deep into the hidden consequences of our rapid automation, examining the forces that will reshape the current workforce. This book focuses on real people—fast-food workers, warehouse staff, customer service agents, even lawyers and tech professionals—all facing the impact of automation. These pages offer practical solutions to your workplace concerns about AI. This isn’t just about understanding your current job; it’s about seeing where automation will take you and how you can thrive.

Author and AI analyst Craig Le Clair isn’t waiting for politicians to catch up on the latest advancements in automation. Instead, this is your guide to tackle the coming changes head-on filled with relatable stories, actionable advice, and a clear path forward.