Quest for Kimchi


Quest for Kimchi is the story of Rachel See, an Asian-American lawyer living in New York who abandons her prestigious legal job after a bad breakup and spontaneously moves to Ireland. Can she create the life she’s always wanted and defy cultural norms?

Rachel See thinks she has it all figured out, until her boyfriend breaks things off and she’s left with a job she dreads. Taking a leap, she decides to move abroad to Ireland, where she takes a position at a company without really knowing what the business does or what the job entails. While there, with the help of a new crew of international friends and her old buddy in New York, Magda, she finally learns to let go of stability and ambition to experience life with all its ups and downs. It’s My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Eat Pray Love—with a side of kimchi that accompanies each adventure. Rachel ultimately quits her job to venture off on a soul-searching journey filled with pizza, pasta, prosciutto, and everything in between. There is some praying, a little bit of loving, and a whole lot of healing; a love story between two people you’d least expect; one too many Guinnesses; a lot of crack—err, craic; and a big fat Greek wedding complete with big, phat Greeks.