Problem Child

By Terrell Carter, Stacy Thunes

Problem Child is a heart-wrenching story that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride that makes the Twilight Zone look like Disneyland.

Problem Child is the unbelievably true story of Terrell Carter, an American musician and actor who grew up in Buffalo, New York, in a dysfunctional family, each member crazier than the next. And the Problem Child is the only one in the story who may, or may not, actually have a problem. An emotional journey of trials and revelations, with a huge secret at its core, this story may force you to laugh—just to keep from crying.

“Terrell, we’re still feeling the goosebumps.”—Quincy Jones

“My beautiful baby boy, even more beautiful on the inside, and he sings even better than that. Now Ms. Patti is giving him his wings to fly among the greats.”—Patti LaBelle