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Powering Prosperity: A Citizen’s Guide to Shaping the 21st Century


For better or worse, the choices citizens make today will shape human history for decades to come.

Since the Global Financial Crisis, we have been approaching a crossroad in modern human history. The top 1 percent of people own more than half of the world’s wealth, while hundreds of millions suffer in extreme poverty. Governments quarrel over the politics of environmental policy, even as climate change poses an existential threat to life on the planet. And communities “hollowed out” by the forces of globalization still struggle to stand on their feet.

How can we even begin to contemplate solutions to such immense and persistent problems? In Powering Prosperity: A Citizen’s Guide to Shaping the 21st Century, Dr. Indranil Ghosh brings together his decades of experience as a sustainable economic development investor, an entrepreneur, and an MIT-trained scientist, to provide a new framework for understanding the world’s challenges and the choices societies must make to address them.

Central to Dr. Ghosh’s roadmap for positive change is a more inclusive form of governance, a collaborative model of long-term investment between public and private capital, and the empowerment of local communities to unleash their innovative and entrepreneurial energy.