Potential: How to Connect What’s Already There for Exponential Impact


When you influence anything—you influence everything. That is the power of Potential.

Potential: an oft-used word that is both enticing and elusive—enticing because it is a “thing,” an “energy” that draws us forward, and elusive because it is often not realized amidst the stress of busy work and busy lives.

In Potential, Pam August cuts through the noise and makes potential real, relevant, and relatable, teaching how to amplify your impact by connecting the potential—within yourself as an individual, between you and your relationships, and around you in organizations.

In a complicated and complex world where we are often strained, stressed, and stuck, it is possible to have energy, ease, and effectiveness—no matter the circumstance or the challenge.

And what if connecting potential was both simple and powerful? It can be! All you need is ONE mindset shift, ONE operating system, ONE core practice, and THREE dimensions of exponential impact. This is the promise that Potential delivers on.