Plantation Education: The Exploitation of the Modern-Day Athlete-Student


Rashad McCants peels back the curtain of a generational slave mentality and how it relates to academic fraud within the university system, while continuing to clench athlete-students in its grip as they make billions of dollars for the slave masters.

Based on his own experience and others who were entrenched in the university athletic system, Rashad reveals how academic fraud continues to steal a “real” education from young black athletes.

Rashad recounts his own journey as an athlete-student, seeing the talent of his idols like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and then paving his own path of success—all the way to the UNC 2005 basketball championship.

Rashad doesn’t just explain the problem. He offers viable solutions for how athlete-students can conquer the system and take charge of their own sports and educational destiny. He provides examples of others who are blazing a trail toward a better future for athlete-students.

By confronting readers between the eyes with the truth of the generational slavery system, this controversial and necessary book calls for a social and academic overhaul that is desperately needed within the NCAA and university athletic system.