Own Your Opportunities: A Story of Self-Discovery and Self-Determination


Silver Award Winner in the “Personal Growth/Self-Help” Category of the Nautilus Awards

Own Your Opportunities is a self-portrait of a Black woman in corporate America who discovers her value and walks away from a company to pursue sanity and the freedom to realize her dream.

Own Your Opportunities is uplifting to women who may feel disillusioned and overwhelmed in corporate America. The story begins with Juliet Hall making a career-defining decision to leave a company after being told her desired career path would not happen. She then recounts her job experiences spanning twenty years—building a narrative to show how she evolved, discovered her gifts, and succeeded in a career amidst a backdrop of corporate trauma before making the pivot to realize her dream.

No matter the opposition—whether it’s family and tradition, systemic bias and marginalization, or difficult leadership—there is always a path forward. In this book, readers will learn how she:

  • Identified her value and gifts.
  • Refused to be put into a box and allow others to define success for her.
  • Took responsibility for her own growth and development.

Vividly written, Own Your Opportunities is a champion to self-belief and dream fulfillment in women. Readers will benefit from Hall’s wisdom and personal experiences of how she developed her human capital, identified her value, took risks, and positioned herself to achieve her dream.