Obamacare: Healthcare Apocalypse


An Obamacare book like no other, Obamacare: Healthcare Apocalypse not only lays out all of the core components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but also provides a detailed analysis of the long-term impacts of this massive federal intrusion into healthcare.

Whether by intentional design or as the byproduct of bad law, Obamacare will literally and figuratively tax the current, and effective, predominantly employment-based third-party payor system to the breaking point, paving the way for full-scale government intervention in the form of socialized medicine. Obamacare will accomplish this feat under the guise of consumer protections but the real impact of Obamacare will be felt slowly over time as a series of delayed-implementation “time bombs” erupt with damaging consequences. The “recipe for financial disaster” that Obamacare concocts will slowly erode the private sector health insurance industry and tempt employers to pay the penalty instead of providing more costly qualified coverage for employees. All the while employers, individuals, insurers, and other businesses will feed the growing federal healthcare option that will emerge as the private insurance sector fails. Obamacare drastically expands Medicaid, converting it from a last-resort, needs-based program to a clear entitlement program. The middle class and businesses will fund this expansion in the form of new taxes. All the while, members of the middle class will see their own healthcare coverage vanish and be hit with a financial penalty simply because they cannot afford to purchase qualified coverage. Small businesses will quell their own growth to avoid the employer shared responsibility requirement while others will cut employee hours to part time status to avoid the obligation. The middle class will emerge as the new class of uninsured in America and as the private healthcare insurance industry spirals downward the government will step in with its own plan knowing the majority will be left with no other option but to accept it. Welcome to the healthcare apocalypse!

This book provides a history of healthcare, focusing on the ever-increasing cost-ascent; a crash course on the insurance industry so that you will see precisely how Obamacare’s drafters hit the easy target with the long-term goal of implementing socialized medicine; and lays out precisely how Obamacare will ultimately lead to the destruction of the great, albeit flawed, American healthcare system.