None of the Answers: Racing Through Life in Reverse

By Jeff Swaney

You’re invited to take a wild ride in life with tenacity, risk, danger, and near death—yielding lessons, rewards and mantras—Buckle Up!

None of the Answers is a revealing memoir by successful American entrepreneur Jeff Swaney. Written in the lost art of Gonzo journalism, the stories chronicle a life lived outside the box.

Follow Swaney from the start of his life, born dirt poor in Detroit, Michigan—facing the challenges of a city collapsed around him to fast forward reflections of a life well lived. Death-defying outdoor stunts, collegiate misadventures, penniless far-flung world travel, and birthing illegal night clubs would eventually lead to Swaney becoming a business leader in the city he loves most—Dallas, Texas. He would go on a life-altering journey, becoming a single father to two young children at age sixty. Moving from rags to riches and financial collapse to astounding recovery, Swaney brings an inspired world view.

This rich, textured page-turner launches the reader into memory lane, inspiring a search for our own best selves through reflection and questioning beliefs. It explores how we take the chaos of living full out, thriving with patience, perseverance, and purpose. The search for answers with pants pulled down self-deprecation provides an avenue for the reader’s innocuous introspection, hair pulling, and deep belly laughs.

Highly entertaining, None of the Answers recounts terrifying experiences on mountain summits, illegal all-night night, and unspeakably difficult family tragedy, validating that we are all a little crazy navigating this world gone mad.

It’s a tell-all. Fasten your seatbelts!